ACMP is a full-service management company. The time-consuming, complex, and sometimes aggravating tasks of overseeing your association can be professionally handled by us, your experienced management firm.

Property management

We take the burden off your shoulders and ensure that life in your association runs smoothly and consistently. Our responsibilities include the enforcement of rules and regulations (including violation notices), mediation, communication and support of the board, management of board meetings (if desired), on-site visits, insurance procurement, and general administration.

Our considerate, responsive services are based on education, research and conservative financial management. Our service fees rarely increase, as a matter of record, one Association insisted on us increasing our service fee. We had not increased it in four years. We were one of the first, if not the first, management companies to negotiate a new manner of legal billing that saved Associations thousands of dollars. We have been able to save Associations thousands of dollars in taxes and other contractual savings after assuming management responsibilities, reviewing records and meeting with the appropriate taxing entities or contractors. We arrange and hold seminars for collections, deed restriction enforcement and budgeting. Finally, one of the most important services we perform is responding to homeowner inquiries quickly via phone and following up with written communication.

ACMP performs all aspects of subdivision management which include:

ACMP was formed based on beliefs in integrity, honesty, trust, commitment and elimination of frustration from working with management companies that failed to live up to contractual agreements. ACMP‘s management consists of former Association Officers who identify with Board member perspectives. ACMP's management has surrounded itself with a staff of individuals well qualified in construction, safety, groundskeeping, and human relations. ACMP strives to serve the members of an Association in a manner, which enhances the living quality of the Association. However, members in good standing should not have to carry the burden for delinquent accounts. Delinquency Reports are maintained and provided to the Board once a month (if requested). These reports can be broken down in board specified categories.

The current categories are:

Maintenance Fees, Management Collection Fees, Attorney Collection Fees, Attorney Deed Restriction Fees, Management Deed Restriction Fees, Late Charges, Late Penalty, Deed Restriction Mowing and Other charges which are the property owners responsibility to reimburse the Association for. Our collection procedures have enabled us to maintain at least a 95% collection rate every calendar year for each Association we manage.
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Financial management

We maintain day-to-day operations efficiently, providing check-writing and sending, management of association dues, fund disbursement, delinquency tracking, and more. Monthly, we provide financial statements including income and expense statement, balance sheet, bank reconciliations bank statements, budget variances, check register, and transaction report. Long-range we help to develop or fine-tune operating budgets. We’re experts at long-range reserve planning so your community maintains strong financial health. We work with your tax consultant or auditor as needed.
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We provide excellent maintenance services for common areas as directed by the board of directors. You need not worry about whether your property values are being maintained. ACMP orders and oversees timely, expert services.

ACMP will inspect and provide maintenance tools for all Association capital improvements or assets. Association entryways, esplanades and right of ways will be inspected at regularly scheduled intervals for maintenance. Once again, ACMP will serve the Board as directed unless the Board desires management to take a more direct approach.

We go the extra mile to ensure Board directives are complied with and the subdivision is an enjoyable place to live. ACMP is the only Association Management company open Wednesday until 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to better serve your community We are there to serve you and your community and we make every effort to adjust to your needs and still fulfill all aspects of management and the execution or fulfillment of responsibilities as stated in the Association’s Covenants and Restrictions.

To perform the above functions in a timely fashion, ACMP relies on:

  1. Advanced Management Concepts
  2. Fast, quality turnaround
  3. Low overhead
  4. Qualified, ready subcontractor base
  5. SenEarthCo®, the leading online management system in our industry

Proprietary technology gives ACMP a step up on its competition in serving Associations.  That technology consists of locally developed and supported Association management software and the latest in computer technology.  ACMP is electronically linked to access all public property records which decreases time and expense for title searches.  We have yet to tell a Board or resident that information is not available because our computers are down.  Board packets can be provided online and/or copy.

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One of the most important functions of our management firm is clear communication with all members of the association. We broadcast messages via our online technology, give you access to association newsletters, and distribute violations notices and delinquency reports promptly.
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